zondag 30 juni 2013

Socky Finished!!!

The Socky quilt for my son in law is finished. Well before his birthday in September :-)
Now I can give myself permission to get on with my Floating Churn Dash blocks.
 I always think I should finish something before starting something new.
Not that I'm succesful at this :-)

woensdag 26 juni 2013

Your Color My Design block

This is a block I made for the Your Color My Design swap I'm hosting on Swap-bot.
I can choose the design I want to make, but my partner can pick up to four colors for her block.
My partner chose black and white and grey if  needed.
So I made this block in black and white, no grey needed :-)

The HST are made from 'Sketch' and the centre block is made from 'Ironing a Shirt'.

zondag 23 juni 2013

Bold Block #9

I'm hosting a swap on Swap-Bot for a BOLD quilt block.
The design is senders choice as long as the colors are BOLD.
I've made this block for my partner.


dinsdag 11 juni 2013

zondag 9 juni 2013

More and more Scrappy Log Cabins

I'm hosting a 10 month swap on Swap-Bot for a Scrappy Log Cabin block. This is swap #5.

I still like the scrappy blocks, I've made ziplock baggies with 2,5" , 4,5" , 6'5" and 8,5" strips so I can grab without looking and maybe want to co├Ârdinate :-)

zondag 2 juni 2013

First cuts for the Floating Churn Dash quilt

I've cut all the pieces for the Churn Dashes.
(The purple is much richer and more like the color of the background fabric)

I have 15 different fabrics:

Rain Purple Mini Drops

Rain Lemon Mini Drops

Rain Cheddar Mini Drops

Rain Bubble Gum Mini Drops
 Ziggy Grape Sketch Chevron
Ziggy Peony Sketch Chevron
Ziggy Yellow Sketch Chevron
Ziggy Orange Sketch Chevron
Textured Basics Red Vintage Houndstooth
Textured Basics Tangerine Vintage Houndstooth
 Sketch Lime Screen Texture
Sketch Cherry Screen
Sketch Orange Screen Texture
Sketch Candy Screen Texture
Pam Kitty Love Red on White Gingham
The background fabric is not a designer one and very stiff.
It's in the washingmachine at the moment and I hope it will soften a bit...

I think I will cut the fabric for the background sometime this week,

I have to give my wrists some rest :-)

Scrappy Bento Block

This is a block I've made for a swap on Swap-bot.
The design is senders choice but the colors are the recipients choice.
My partner asked for a teal - pink - yellow block.
 I don't have much teal , so fingers crossed she likes this block :-)
I've used the tutorial by Red Pepper Quilts for the Bento Box.
The fun part is: I got a 'bonus block' I can keep myself
 and use in the BOLD quilt I will make one day!