zondag 2 juni 2013

First cuts for the Floating Churn Dash quilt

I've cut all the pieces for the Churn Dashes.
(The purple is much richer and more like the color of the background fabric)

I have 15 different fabrics:

Rain Purple Mini Drops

Rain Lemon Mini Drops

Rain Cheddar Mini Drops

Rain Bubble Gum Mini Drops
 Ziggy Grape Sketch Chevron
Ziggy Peony Sketch Chevron
Ziggy Yellow Sketch Chevron
Ziggy Orange Sketch Chevron
Textured Basics Red Vintage Houndstooth
Textured Basics Tangerine Vintage Houndstooth
 Sketch Lime Screen Texture
Sketch Cherry Screen
Sketch Orange Screen Texture
Sketch Candy Screen Texture
Pam Kitty Love Red on White Gingham
The background fabric is not a designer one and very stiff.
It's in the washingmachine at the moment and I hope it will soften a bit...

I think I will cut the fabric for the background sometime this week,

I have to give my wrists some rest :-)

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